Dark Souls 3 Bosses Ranked — Easiest to Hardest | Beginners Edition

Dark Souls 3 — Uh is this Easy Mode…?

1. Dark Souls 3 Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest (For Beginners)

This list ranks each boss in difficulty for beginners, from:

2. Dark Souls 3 Game Mechanics and Analysis

Some quick context on how the game plays, how I approached it, as well as what’s overrated, underrated and nonsense.


Dark Souls 3 Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest | Beginners Edition

Meh Bosses



24. Iudex Gundyr

Iudex Gundyr

The camera and controls in Dark Souls 3 is your biggest enemy in the game.

The snake demon torso is so big it overwhelms the camera, and you can’t tell which body part is attacking you: the giant arm, the bardiche, the snake tail or the snake face.

23. Deacons of the Deep

Deacons of the Deep

22. Curse Rotted Greatwood

Curse Rotted Greatwood

21. Crystal Sage

Crystal Sage


20. Oceiros, the Consumed King

Oceiros, the Consumed King

19. Yhorm the Giant

Yhorm the Giant

18. Ancient Wyvern

Ancient Wyvern

17. High Lord Wolnir

High Lord Wolnir

Less fun is — much like Yhorm the Giant & Ancient Wyvern — this gimmick exists NOWHERE else in the game.

16. Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Vordt can’t attack you if you’re inside it’s anus.

Weird lesson, but okay. Thank you Dark Souls 3.


15. Aldrich Devourer of Gods

Aldrich Devourer of Gods

14. Old Demon King

Old Demon King

As you play Dark Souls 3, you’ll come to realised the idealised game in your head is way more interesting and fun than what actually got made.

13. Champion Gundyr

Champion Gundyr

12. Abyss Watchers

Abyss Watchers

11. Champions Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf DLC

Champions Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf

10. Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

9. Dragonslayer Armour

Dragonslayer Armour

8. Lorian, Elder Prince & Lothric, Younger Prince

Lorian, Elder Prince & Lothric, Younger Prince

Honorable Mentions

Outrider Knights

Outrider Knights

Halflight, Spear of the Church DLC

Halflight, Spear of the Church


7. Pontiff Sulyvhan

Pontiff Sulyvahn
  1. The timing for the enemy attack animation is really awkward. For example, you can parry even with your back to the enemy! Just didn’t make any sense.
  2. The parry and backstab animation is awkward — the enemy freezes, and everything just gets teleported into place. Sometimes.
  3. You lose health on successful parries! And unlike Bloodborne, you don’t earn your health back.
  4. If you miss a parry, with a tough enemy you’re pretty much stunlocked into a combo until you’re dead.

6. Soul of Cinder

Soul of Cinder

5. King of the Storm/Nameless King

King of the Storm/Nameless King

4. Demon in Pain & Demon from Below / Demon Prince DLC

Demon in Pain, Demon from Below / Demon Prince

3. Sister Friede & Father Ariandel/Blackflame Friede DLC

Sister Friede & Father Ariandel

2. Slave Knight Gael DLC

Slave Knight Gael

1. Darkeater Midir DLC

Darkeater Midir

Midir isn’t difficult: Midir is just awkward and cheap. And so is much of Dark Souls 3.

Disagree with me? Dark Souls 3 is a good game, but it isn’t for me.

2. Gameplay Mechanics and Analysis

I’ve beaten Dark Souls 3 three times: first as a Knight, second in New Game Plus, third in another profile as a Pyromancer.

Playthrough 1 — Knight

Weapons of choice: Long Sword/Black Knight and Grass Crest Shield
Class: Knight
80 hours of gameplay
End Level 150

Playthrough 2 — New Game Plus

I feel like you’re forced to play the entire game first as a Knight, before you can explore the rest of the game as another class. Everything felt like it was designed around whacking things with swords.

Favourite Weapons

Long Sword, Dark Sword, Claymore, Hollowslayer Greatsword, Black Knight Sword, Farron Greatsword, Sellsword Twinblades, Butcher’s Knife

Fun Novelty Weapons

Farron Greatsword, Sellsword Twinblades were the only weapons I enjoyed for the variety in their attacks. Everything else you just tediously swung around and whacked shit with.

My Strengths

Just a few aspects of the game I was good at— timing attacks, back stabs, circle strafing, fighting at range, crowd control, bait and punish.

My Weaknesses

Goddamn INPUT BUFFER (more on that later), timing rolls, parrying, blocking with shields, juggling replenishment items, RPG elements, choosing weapon upgrades, infusion gems, character builds, upgrade paths, farming items, covenant items, consumable items, PvP, reading items descriptions beyond the loading screen, controlling the camera when locked on with big or fast bosses, AoE attacks, switching camera lock modes.

My Frustrations

1. The input buffer is the WORST part of Dark Souls 3. I HATE the combat because of this. I’ll explain.

Dark Souls 3 Features I Don’t Understand

Waist Deep Water…

Why? How does slowly walking through water add to the game experience?

Illusory Walls…

Some walls make sense: In Ashes of Ariandel the fly enemies stare at an illusory wall. Secret! In Ringed City you get a clue about the knight without the sword to acess Midir. Bonus!


Pickle Pee and Pump a Rum — why and how are they invisible birds? And why are the jailers guarding the Jailer’s Key in Irithyll Dungeon invisible? What incomprehensible bullshit is this?

Exploration Rewards…

In Ashes of Ariandel, why does killing the Tree Woman enemies drop a fucking ladder? What’s the cause and effect there?


Why THE FUCK does the Dark Souls community refer to the Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 game director so intimately by name?? Is he some sort of video game director genius? Then why doesn’t anyone talk about SHIBUYA or TANIMURA for Dark Souls 2 in the same way?


I prefer Bloodborne, but I don’t mind Dark Souls 3.



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