6 Amazing Sony Cameras that Died Before their Time

6. Sony Ericsson C905 — c. 2008

Sony Ericsson C905 — number pad slide
Sony Ericsson C905 camera with mechanical lens cover

5. Sony DSC H400 — c. 2014

Sony DSC H400

4. Sony A99 II — c. 2016

Sony A99 II
Sony A99 II with self recording flip screen

3. Sony RX10 IV — c. 2017

Sony RX10 IV
Sony RX10 IV — extended telephoto range

2. Sony RX1R II — c. 2015

Sony RX1R II with pop up viewfinder

1. Sony QX1 — c. 2014

Sony QX1 with 55mm FE F1.8
Sony QX1 with E-mount front cap and pop up fill flash
Sony QX1 with shutter release button, flash and charging port


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